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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Pent up Demand or New Habits

The past couple of years have been hard on the rapid prototyping industry. With so little money to go around, companies are cutting back on prototypes. The prototype is seen as an expense, not an investment, so it one of the expenditures that is cut from the budget.

The question is, now that the economy seems to be picking up, will industry return to past levels of prototyping activity or will it remain status quo?

For some companies, there will be pent up demand. Having had to work without prototypes, they will have learned the value of the prototype. These companies will return to past levels of prototyping demand.

Others will have learned how to do without. These companies will have either found alternative methods to proof and validate designs or will have discovered that the prototype, while useful, is not a necessity in the product development process.

Personally, I think the majority will be in the pent up demand category. This should fuel the growth of rapid prototyping industry.


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