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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Winning Awards or Getting Results

If you have ever interviewed a marketing agency (or even visited their Web site), it is likely that you were told of the recent awards that had been won for their work. Your reply should be, "So what."

Awards don't generate sales. In fact, many "award winning" campaigns do nothing for the client's market share or bottom line. The reason is that they are not judged on results. Instead, they are judged heavily on the creative (graphic design) element and general appeal.

When the next agency trots out their awards, stop them mid-sentence and ask, "What were the results of the campaign?" It is likely that you will only get a blank stare.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Another Reason to Test Before Launching

In ClickZ article (2/28/03), Bryan Eisenberg talks about a Web campaign that increased results 1000%. However, in a previous article he discussed how the same campaign had its conversion rate drop by 90%. What is the drastic, major, all important change? Nothing. There was only one small change that generated the dramatic swing.

In days gone by, there were tales of advertisements that quadrupled results with only the change of a single word in the headline. While you and your management team may be confident that your copy for the next email or direct mail piece is perfect, you have to remember that you are not the target market. How your target perceives the piece may be entirely different.

All of this supports the strategy of testing before a campaign launch. Before sending out thousands of emails, send out one hundred and measure the results. If the results are what you are looking for, let the campaign roll. If not, change it and retest.

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