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Web Marketing

search engine positioning strategy

As many companies come to realize, building a Web site does not guarantee that traffic and orders will follow. To improve Armstrong Mold's search engine positioning, visitor volume and sales, the Web site structure, content and format were modified, all with an eye on carefully selected keywords.

Content drives search engines and motivates visitors

Accelerated Technologies launched a 185 page web site dedicated to rapid prototyping and rapid prototyping services. In a 2002 issue of Rapid Prototyping Journal, Terry Wohlers states, "...treat yourself to a tour. It is one of the best websites available on rapid prototyping." The site quickly captured top ranking in search engines and thousands of monthly visitors.

Todd Grimm builds Web sites for results

This Web site, www.tagrimm.com, was built by T. A. Grimm. The only direct expense was $45.00 for a Web template on which to begin building the site. Content, template modification, mouse-overs, pop up windows and cascading style sheets (CSS) were all done in-house. Everything on this site was completed with four goals in mind: a good visitor experience, search engine positioning, validating the company to prospects and generating qualified leads.

Copy Writing



User's Guide to Rapid Prototyping. Todd Grimm. Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
Coming January 2004. This new book, authored by Todd Grimm, serves as an introduction to the fascinating world of rapid prototyping. To be notified of the book's release, please send and email to tgrimm@tagrimm.com.


Manufacturing Engineering Handbook. Ed. Hwaiyu Geng. McGraw-Hill.
Coming Soon! Todd Grimm authored a chapter in this reference book for manufacturing engineers. The chapter is an introduction to rapid prototyping, as it applies to those in manufacturing and manufacturing engineering.

Contributing author for Wohlers Report

Wohlers Report 2003; Rapid Prototyping and Tooling State of the Industry Report. Terry Wohlers, Wohlers Associates Inc.
Todd Grimm has been a key contributor to this publication for the past four years. This annual publication offers a wealth of data and analysis on the rapid prototyping industry. It is a must have for anyone serious about rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing. Visit www.wohlersassociates.com to order a copy.

wohlers report executive summary

Wohlers Report Executive Summary. Terry Wohlers, Wohlers Associates Inc.
Todd Grimm has co-authored this publication with Terry Wohlers for the past four years. The executive summary captures the highlights of the Wohlers Report. To receive a free copy, visit the publication's sponsor, Accelerated Technologies, at www.atirapid.com.

Magazine Articles  (click here for complete listing)

Todd Grimm publishes a monthly article in TCT

Since January 2001, Todd Grimm has co-authored Perspectives with Terry Wohlers. Perspectives is an editorial feature that appears in each issue of Time-Compression Technologies.

Published white papers can generate leads

Ultimate Solutions, Inc. wanted to generate interest in its unique workshop for high-end cast parts from rubber molds. What better way than a feature article in Time-Compression Technologies? This article allowed Ultimate Solutions to introduce its workshop to a large audience and to position the solution as being dramatically different from typical rubber molding processes.

author of many articles, including machine design

This article on dry-film lubricants for rubber seals and gaskets is one of three articles in Machine Design that Todd Grimm wrote, co-authored or contributed to.

White Papers

white papers are great marketing tools

Writing informative, technical papers that are interesting to the reader is challenging. In the white paper, Fused Deposition Modeling: a Technology Evaluation, an insightful and detailed analysis of the technology is offered. Click here to download a copy.

technical white papers by todd grimm

For new technologies like rapid prototyping, important information is often learned only from first hand experience. Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering and PolyJet: Evaluating and Applying the Right Technology was written to uncover some of these hidden facts. Between this version and the original paper (from 1996), these white papers led to two speaking opportunities and publication in two trade magazines. For a free copy of this paper, visit www.atirapid.com.

Case Studies


Everyone knows that case studies (and white papers) are powerful tools to generate leads and support the sales process. But who has the time to write them? Finding a story, getting client approval and writing a case study can take weeks. With a technical background, writing skills and extensive experience in CAD, rapid prototyping, and new product development, T. A Grimm delivers case studies for use on your web site, in the sales process and as a response vehicle in your advertising campaigns.


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grimm scripts, develops and deliveries presentations

Using WebEx, Ellison Custom Coatings (ECC) was asked to deliver four presentations to its customer's sales team. Rather than focusing on what ECC wanted to say, the presentation focused on what the audience wanted and needed to hear. The result was the customer's VP of Sales and Marketing stating that this was the best presentation of the entire series.

presentations and public speaking

Ellison Surface Technologies (EST) had a powerful solution and an excellent distribution partner. However, the partner's sales force was slow to welcome and promote the service. This presentation was constructed to demonstrate to the sales force how they could use the new service to differentiate themselves and make more money.

prsented at rapid prototyping and manufacturing

Presentations and published articles are excellent tools to market your company cost effectively. This presentation for Accelerated Technologies, Inc. offered the audience insight into the world of rapid prototyping. With its delivery, Accelerated Technologies, Inc. was perceived as an industry expert and a reliable source for rapid prototyping services.

Literature & Sales Collateral

advertising design for branding rapid prototyping

Spending lots of money on high-end, four color graphics is not always the best solution. This literature kit was designed in a cost-saving, two-color format. Since the target market is the engineering community, the literature was written without unsubstantiated, nebulous claims. Instead, it delivered the facts desired by an engineer while incorporating the sales and marketing message.

literature does not have to be expensive. do it in 2 color.

Updating constantly changing information does not have to be expensive. These material data sheets for Accelerated Technologies used the cost-saving two-color format and were designed and developed without outside graphic design assistance. To further reduce cost, the data sheets are made available in PDF format, and prospects are enticed to receive them electronically.

let the graphics complement your copy, not overwhelm it.

To break from the perception that Ellison Custom Coatings (ECC) was a small, regional supplier, four color graphics were important to this piece. However, the focus on content was not lost amongst the graphic design. The copy for this piece focuses on a message that dry-film lubricants have numerous applications, and it repeatedly asks the question, "Where could you use our coatings?"


Over the years T. A. Grimm has developed "sales guides" for new products and services. To create a powerful and unified message, the new product is analyzed for features, benefits and true value to the customer. This information is then compiled and distributed to the sales force in a concise, readable and understandable format.

Response Campaigns


It is often easier and more profitable to reclaim former clients. In this campaign, lost clients were contacted in a series of mail drops and phone calls. While asking for their business was the primary goal, the clients were also surveyed to determine why they left (the answer may shock you). Over one year, this campaign contributed nearly 15% of sales revenue.

Brand and Message Development

2 color logo designs

Like many companies, Accelerated Technologies' discovered that it did not have a powerful, concise message that differentiated the company from all others. The "rebranding" involved definition of a new message, a unique selling proposition and a supporting campaign to get the message out. While the competition touted fast, accurate and affordable, ATI stands out with its message of focus, reliability and responsiveness, which is supported with its value proposition of "bringing better products to market faster."

a family of 2 color logo designs

Lacking synergy amongst the varied companies in the organization, the Ellison Group brand was created. A consistent look and feel for the individual logos was created such that it was obvious that each was a member company, yet each maintained its own identity. A corporate message, used by all member companies, was also created.

ta grimm logo

T. A. Grimm believes that logos are meant to be simple in design, easily read and recognizable. Four color logos with story telling icons are often inappropriate and expensive. Living up to its own credo, the T. A. Grimm & Associates, Inc. logo was designed in two colors with simple sophistication. The supporting tagline, "Marketing Engineered for Sales Results," offers both a differentiating message and a client value proposition. From draft concepts, Janet Berberich, president of Eye Candy Design, added the professional polish with font selection, color selection and balanced design.


advertising design

Conceived and designed by T. A. Grimm, this ad's professional polish was added by Viki Angyal, a graphic designer for Time-Compression Technologies. Designed as a response ad, the goal is to quickly and concisely deliver the key points that differentiate T. A. Grimm & Associates.

advertising design

This one-time ad, also polished by Viki Angyal, used the 1/4 page to build on the message, look and feel established in the original business card ad. The copy is written to generate interest and desire, and the photo collage is used to support the written message.

response advertising rapid prototyping

This ad for Accelerated Technologies was used as a replacement to the ad series shown below. Having delivered the unique selling proposition (USP) to the target market, it was time to actively generate qualified leads. This is an example of a response ad.

advertising design for branding rapid prototyping

This ad for Accelerated Technologies is an example of a branding piece. It was designed to introduce the target market to a newly created message and positioning statement.

Marketing Plans


Since marketing plans are highly confidential and proprietary documents, we are unable to list any examples.


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Coming soon.

"User's Guide to Rapid Prototyping."

What does it take? What will it do? How do I evaluate rapid prototyping?

Todd Grimm de- livers the answers to these questions and many more.


RP Benchmarks

RP benchmark

Which 3D printer is fastest? Cheapest? Which offers the best quality?

The benchmark reports provide the answers. A great resource for anyone preparing to buy a rapid prototyping device.


Corporate white paper.

An extensive eval- uation of Roland DG: the company, the strategy and the merits of subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP).



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