Rapid Prototyping Benchmark - 3D Printers


This rapid prototyping benchmark required many hours of man and machine time. It also required a thorough documentation process that is well beyond that of any commercial rapid prototyping project. Without the assistance (and patience) of the following companies, the benchmark would not have been possible.

American Precision Prototyping
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, www.approto.com
Instant on-line quoting for rapid prototyping services.

Accelerated Technologies
Austin, Texas, USA, www.acceleratedtechnologies.com
Rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and contract manufacturing.

Fisher Design
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, www.fisherdesign.com
Industrial design, brand identity and package design, interactive communications, and marketing support.

Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc.
Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA, www.cadcam4u.com
Value added reseller of CAD and CAM software and rapid prototyping systems.

Squid, Inc.
Venice, California, USA, www.squid.cc
Rapid prototyping, rubber molding and design services.

Stafford Jewelers
Dayton, Ohio, USA, www.staffordsdiamonds.com/staffords_3ddesign/
Custom jewelry design and manufacturing with rapid prototyping.

University of Louisville, Rapid Prototyping Center
Louisville, Kentucky, USA, www.louisville.edu/speed/chemical/research/rapid_prototyping_center.htm
Rapid prototyping services (for consortium members) and research and development for systems and materials.


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