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New report measures speed, cost and quality of 3D printers.

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RP benchmark coverThis extensive report compares the performance of seven rapid prototyping systems for three different parts. No other benchmark study can make this claim. 55 pages, 34 charts, 5 tables and 36 images are included in this exhaustive study.

This detailed comparison of seven rapid prototyping systems is available for download.

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Table of contents
Sample pages

Looking for the right rapid prototyping system for your operation? Need to understand how one system measures up to another? The rapid prototyping benchmark is the perfect tool to get you up to speed quickly. Don't make any decisions based on vendor claims. Base your buying decisions on real time, cost and quality measures.

The benchmark reviews the following systems:RP benchmark parts

  • Dimension
  • Z406
  • MDX-650
  • QuadraTempo
  • Viper si2
  • ThermoJet
  • PatternMaster

Performance measures are reported in the following areas:

  • Expense
    • Acquisition cost
    • Annual cost
    • Hourly rate
    • Prototype cost
  • Time
    • Machine time
    • Total process time
  • Quality
    • Dimensional accuracy
    • Surface finish

New! Rapid Prototyping Index.

For the first time ever, the benchmark report publishes the Rapid Prototyping Index, a weighted ranking of system performance.

Download it today!

To download your copy of the rapid prototyping benchmark report, visit Download.


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Benchmark finds that vendor claims of +/-0.005 in. are unrealistic in general-purpose prototyping environments.

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